Best Shopify Shipping Protection Apps in 2022

Simply Shipping Protection

This app offers a platform where you can manage your own custom Shipping Protection  plan which can save your money from lot of Shipping company which do post-purchase solutions for online retailers. You can charge based on customer cart and define rule for this.
With Simply Shipping Protection, Shopify merchants can auto add Shipping into cart with increase customer lifetime value, and pushing our own polished Shipping Protection.
You can earn extra revenue from merchant on every insured order.
Note: Sometimes quick upselling Shipping will be a good idea and we prefer to keep this at the cart page/side cart.
Benefit of Custom Shipping
  • Auto add Shipping Protection into cart ( Settings )
  • Auto fulfil Shipping Protection ( Settings )
  • Manage all the claim requests in portal.
  • An Shipping Protection claim page for customers through which the customers can send you a claim request.
  • As Merchant you can view claims which includes images and descriptions. like damaged product, empty box etc.
  • As Merchant you have capability to prepare Shipping Protection plans based on the cart value or the percentage of cart total.
  • An email template can be added for all the claim requests.
Please connect our support team for migrating from existing Simply Shipping Protection app i.e. Route, and any other Shipping Protection app.
Quick and Easy Installation in Minutes!
  • Click add App.
  • Select Pricing plan.
  • Follow guided tour for quick installation.
Special Note: If you have a side cart/ Mini cart, Please get in touch with us for installation.
App to Install : Simply Shipping Protection

Freighty Simply Shipping Protection

Freighty Shipping Protection provides Shopify stores with automatic Shipping Protection coverage for each order that is lost or damaged during transit to the purchaser’s nominated delivery address (up to $5,000 per delivery). Get coverage in minutes.

When you install the Freighty app & create an account, you get access to these amazing benefits:
Instant Coverage for every order despatched from your store*
Easy to lodge claims for lost or damaged items
Get paid fast for eligible claims (usually within 48 hours)
You get peace of mind, without the complication of traditional providers
Great customer support - We’re available 24/7
App to Install :


Route ‑ Protection & Tracking

Route offers a connected suite of post-purchase solutions for online retailers. With Route, Shopify merchants can optimize their post-purchase experience, increase customer lifetime value, and differentiate their brand by offering customers:

  • Package tracking built for the needs of modern consumers.
  • Order protection against loss, theft, or damage.
  • Genuine customer engagement from purchase to delivery.

With these solutions, Route transforms the post-purchase journey from an undervalued afterthought into a loyalty-generating customer experience.

Benefits of Route

Don’t leave the last mile of your customer experience to chance in the hands of third-party carriers. By adding Route’s post-purchase solutions to the customer experience, online merchants:

  • Take control of the brand experience from checkout to delivery.
  • Increase conversion, loyalty, and customer retention.
  • Reduce support costs, claims resolution time, and frustration.
  • Give customers confidence and peace of mind at checkout.
  • Get valuable insights into claims filed by customers.

App to Install :

InsureShield Shipping Coverage

Provide a premium customer experience in the event of a shipping loss or damage.

Cover your UPS, USPS and FedEx shipments in one easy app with quickly paid claims up to your sales value. And at a rate less expensive than carrier liability.

Customer Experience is Everything

A bad shipping experience has repercussions. So when a shipment is lost or damaged in transit or stolen from a porch, your reputation is in the balance. With InsureShield™ shipping Protection, you have the power to create loyalty and repeat purchases by taking care of your customer, knowing claims are paid quickly

One Simple App

By using the InsureShield app you can request coverage for your UPS, FedEx and USPS shipments with rules-based coverage. It syncs directly with your Shopify® store and applies your Shipping Protection preferences when an order is fulfilled.

You have complete flexibility to choose what gets covered based on your business needs. Cover all your shipments, or select rules based on:

  • Your minimum order value
  • Items or SKUs you want to insure (The app automatically imports SKUs from your Shopify store)
  • Domestic and/or international delivery destination

Superior Coverage for a Superior Customer Experience

Things happen in shipping. That’s why InsureShield protection offers:

  • Coverage for damage and loss, including goods that mysteriously disappear from the front porch
  • Reimbursement up to the invoice value of the goods plus shipping costs
  • Expedited reshipment costs up to 20% of the insured value of the goods can be reimbursed so you easily reship a package.
  • 90 days to report concealed damage and 9 months to file a claim giving you and your customers time to identify any issues
  • Coverage for goods that are refused or undelivered, giving you round trip protection

There’s no required minimum fee per order and no limit to the number of orders that must be insured.

App to Install :

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