Top must have Shopify Applications in 2022.

Top must have Shopify Applications in 2022.

Creating a successful e-commerce site necessitates a blend of business acumen and technological know-how. Having some help along the way makes building a great site a lot easier, and that's where applications in Shopify  come in. You've established your niche, created a brand, and chosen a theme, but there's one thing missing from your store. By increasing your Customer Experience or creating your products attractive, the appropriate apps may take your Shopify eCommerce site to the next level. Over 6000 apps from Shopify and third-party developers are available in the Shopify App Store.

These Shopify applications, both free and premium, can improve the operation of your store in areas like social proof advertising, reviews, exporting, cart restoration, landing page development, and more. The top Shopify applications will give your online store the push it requires to stand out from the crowd. According to a survey a shopify store requires at least 6 applications to run their store smoothly. We will go over the top must-have apps for growing your site and increasing profitability.

Hand-picked by eCommerce professionals, these are the top Shopify apps for eCommerce sites in 2022.

  1. Simply Shipping Protection.
    With Simply Shipping Protection we are off to a good start. Adding Simply Shipping Protection to your store allows you to ensure the safe delivery of customers’ shipments while earning revenue yourself. This application provides a platform for you to manage your personalized Shipping Protection plan, saving you money over many Shipping Protection companies that provide post-purchase solutions for online stores. You can charge based on the customer's cart and set up a rule to do so.
    Shopify businesses may use Simply Shipping Protection to automatically add Shipping Protection to their carts, increasing customer lifetime value and promoting our refined Shipping Protection.
    On every insured order, you can earn extra revenue.

    Highlights include:
    Auto Fulfillment Shipping Protection Settings.
    Merchants have the full autonomy to accept and reject claims.
    All types of carts and themes are supported.
    Shopify plus checkout support.
    24/7 Support.

    Check out the application here: Simply Shipping Protection | Protection - Cart Upsell | Shipping Protection | Protection | Additional Revenue | Shopify App Store

  2. Tidio – Live Chat & Chatbots.
    Tidio - Live Chat & Chatbots, a live chat app from Tidio LLC, integrates chatbots, messaging, and Instagram. As a result, this Shopify app makes it simple to manage customer communications. In addition, you can combine all online chat, mail, and Message communications into a single panel. Tidio gives you the ability to utilize bots to respond to client questions and regain abandoned carts. As a result, you'll be able to upsell and respond to customer behavior with this functionality. Installing this fantastic Shopify app only takes 30 seconds.

    Highlights include:
    Combines many communication routes.
    Chatbots provide client service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Total customer engagement improves sales conversations.
    Chatbots provide automated product information.

    Check out the application here : Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots - Live Chat boosted with Chatbots, Messenger, and Instagram | Shopify App Store

  3. Yotpo Products Reviews & Photos.
    Successful e-commerce sites rely heavily on customer reviews. As a result, your Shopify business needs fantastic product review software to enable customers to write helpful comments and reviews. The finest Shopify app for reviews is Yotpo Product Reviews &Photos. Customers may leave reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram with this Shopify app.
    These comments are synced by Yotpo, so your consumers see what others are saying. Then, at various points on your site, including checkout, product reviews appear. Yotpo also allows you to display FAQs and photo reviews for clients to see.

    Highlights include:
    Klaviyo, SMSBump, and Pagefly are just a few examples of third-party programs that integrate easily with social media.
    Increase revenue by displaying client testimonials around the website.
    To improve product showcasing, combine Google advertisements and reviews.
    Critical comments that require quick attention are highlighted so you can respond.

    Check out the application here :Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos - Collect product reviews, photo reviews, site reviews & ratings | Shopify App Store

  4. Simply OTP Login.
    This application helps customers log in easily into your store without any hassle. With a single click, you can avoid lengthy logins and reduce returns. Maintain a safe and secured login via mobile and email as well. In India, the majority of orders are paid for using cash on delivery, and the biggest problem is that it causes returns because the customer number is not validated. We are offering a method to avoid such situations by allowing customers to log in using an OTP sent to their phone or email.

    Highlights include :
    The delivery of SMS/email is swift and discreet.
    You may see a summary of the OTPs that were sent and failed.
    Installation of the code is as simple as clicking a button.
    The user data is automatically saved after the first login. It benefits sales and increases revenue.
    Get customer verified numbers to retarget them for SMS marketing.

    Check out the application here: Login via Phone / Email - OTP based Login using Phone / Email | Minimize COD... | Shopify App Store

  5. Flexify: Facebook Product Feed.
    It connects your Shopify store to your Facebook Product Catalog, allowing you to build dynamic advertising that shows potential consumers everything you have to offer. Flexify makes it easy to generate highly targeted product advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

    Highlights include :
    Promote all of your items with one-of-a-kind creativity without having to configure each ad.
    Create your campaigns once and then use highly targeted adverts to keep your product in front of customers.
    Reach customers with product advertisements on any platform they use, no matter how they originally learned about your company.
    To enhance sales, show customers products are extremely specific to the client and social media behavior.

    Check out the application here : Flexify: Facebook Product Feed - Sync your store with your Facebook Product Catalog | Shopify App Store

  6. Recharge Subscription Application.
    eCommerce firms can benefit from the ReCharge Subscriptions app's efficient approach to preserving their revenue stream by handling clients' subscriptions and ongoing payments. Making the subscription process as smooth as possible is the key to keeping customer relationships to ensure that consumers feel even more valuable.

    Highlights include:
    Workflows that are automated.
    Access to APIs to customize your subscription.
    Integrated with Shopify payments.

    Check out the application here : Recharge Subscriptions - We turn transactions into relationships | Shopify App Store

  7. Flits.
    Attractive customer account pages that collect all of your customer information in one location. Create a more compelling experience for customers by centralizing all of their information in one easy-to-find location that makes shopping at your store more convenient. All of your shopper's information is gathered in one place, including their profile (birthday, gender, phone number), order history, recently viewed items, and delivery addresses. 

    Highlights include :
    With social login and wish lists, you can capture buy intent.
    Customer rewards program with store credits that is cutting-edge.
    Support for multiple languages.
    In the order history, there is a contact us button.
    A unique layout (Enterprise plan).

    Check out the application here : Flits: Customer Account Page - Profile,Order History, Reorder, Contact US,Recently viewed | Shopify App Store

  8. Wiser.
    App for Shopify that uses AI to make customized product recommendations. With tailored recommendations, provide an engaging buying experience across your retail, mobile, and email. Shopify stores, one of the best  product recommendation application. With the WISER Shopify app, you can analyze browsing activity, preferences, order data, interests, and much more.

    Highlights include :
    AI based automated recommendations.
    Thank you page recommendations.
    Related and trending products recommendations.
    Cart page recommendations and much more.

    Check out the application here: Personalized Product Recommendations Shopify App - Wiser ( 

Why do you need top Shopify apps for your store?

You'll need applications to execute certain operations like order administration, shipping, upselling, and more when you construct your e-commerce site on Shopify. You'd need specific coding skills to create your site and functionality if you didn't have these programs.

Of course, you can start from scratch with your e-commerce site. However, this requires time and significant initial expenditure.

The majority of these challenges can be resolved by utilizing the best Shopify apps. Lucent Commerce is one such platform that offers applications in Shopify that will help your store smoothen its login process, earn some extra revenue as well as customers' trust and make an exchange of digital documents very simple and easy. You're ready to proceed once you've found and installed the programs you require. There are no special programming or web development skills required.

Top Shopify apps, on the whole, take the uncertainty out of creating a very successful e-commerce business. Nonetheless, the key is to know which applications to use.

The best Shopify apps can help you take your business to the next level.

The appropriate apps can help you expand your business and streamline your e-commerce operations daily. You can provide a highly tailored purchasing experience for your clients with these apps.

The best thing you can do is try the applications we've discussed in this blog -take advantage of demonstrations offered by apps in the Shopify app store to locate apps with the features you require. You stand to get a lot of business with nothing to lose!

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